The big comments update

Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2024
By popular demand, after a lot of work I've successfully ported over all* of the comments from my DeviantArt uploads! Most of them do not yet have their original timestamps, as that's a lot of additional work and it's less important than the content.

Please note the following:
- Formatting was preserved where possible
- DA emojis and "plz" avatars were copied as plaintext. I may convert some of these over to Unicode emoji where applicable so that people who just commented with emojis don't look like insane people shouting "HEART HEART HEART"
- Due to limits on the amount of nested comments, long threads had to be split or have later comments all reply to the same one
- For some reason, names have to start with a letter, so a few names had an "a" appended to them

Additionally, the following types of comments were omitted:
- Overly long, irrelevant threads (sadly, the 200+ Evangelion RP thread is no more)
- Obvious troll comments
- A handful of comments that pertained only to issues with DA
- Comments posted by a known sex pest

Other than that, all comments were ported over even if they were occasionally less than flattering. Please feel free to put me through the wringer in future comments too. :P

Finally, to accompany this big update, I've added lists to the main page showing the top commenters and the latest comments. Hopefully this will inspire more people to comment and hold conversations! I very much miss the old days of DA, and although largely the site itself is at fault for reduced traffic and engagement, I feel like I haven't helped things by using the Like button a lot when it became available instead of actually replying to people. I'm going to try and be better about that. So please, go ahead and comment. ^.^
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first post lol

(Just doing my part to capture the authentic internet comment experience)


This too is a part of life