Hiya! I'm Rosie! I like bondage and damsels-in-distress, and I draw a lot of art related to that.

I've been uploading my art to the internet since 2015 on various websites, but with a lot of art and social media websites imploding, I've decided I need a space for my art that I'm in full control of. It really is a shame that because of rich fools buying and destroying useful sites, as well as puritanical trolls trying to destroy any avenue for sexual expression, the internet is going to hell.

The silver lining is that it creates a niche for personal websites like this one to exist once again. I hope a lot of other artists follow suit.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy my art! If you'd like to show your appreciation or have anything else to say, feel free to contact me on the sites below (as long as they're still around) or send me an email.
Where else to find me
I have accounts on the following art and social media sites:
· Twitter
· Bluesky
· Pixiv

You can also drop me a line at superrosachan@gmail.com.
Notes about the site
This website was launched in 2023, but it features content going back to 2015 when I first started uploading art to the internet. Most of the old content is presented with the same descriptions as used on the original upload (usually on DeviantArt), with small alterations made for formatting, typo fixes and removal of certain outdated information that might be confusing otherwise. Please keep in mind that I may have been a lot younger when I typed some of that stuff, and I apologize for anything weird. I have added notes to some of my oldest stuff to add additional context.

Known issues:
· Tags cannot display special characters, which may affect certain series titles. I don't currently have a way to fix this.
· When looking at tags, the Damsel Yearbook recommendation does not appear if there is only one related drawing there. This is because Yearbook filters are currently created manually for franchises with multiple entries. This may change in the future.
· The site may look strange on certain mobile devices. I only have one phone to test on and you should really be looking at art on a big screen anyway. But if you're having trouble, please let me know at one of the above places what looks wrong and what device you're using, and I'll try to fix it.