Remember when everyone had their own website instead of everything being centralized to a few massive social media sites? Everyone had to link to each other's websites so people could find all the cool stuff. I'm bringing that back as much as I can, although I'll probably end up linking to a lot of pages on said massive social media sites, heh heh. These links are in no particular order and I've probably missed a lot of people, so I'll be adding even more as time goes on. I'm also not any good at writing these descriptions, so I'm sorry they just kinda peter out. I will get to them eventually, I swear ^.^;
Close friends
· Another0079 - My wonderful husband writes bad-end bondage stories. His stuff is a LOT harder and darker than mine, so beware!
· Woolric - Woolie is one of my best friends in the world. He doesn't upload often, but his art is incredibly cute!
· WarioNumberOne - Another friend of mine who's also working on a kinky video game with me! In their free time, they write bondage fics.
· HazyFlame - Hazy makes cute and lewd 3D art based on various video games.
· Shadowgent Kinkworks - Cosplay bondage photography!
Favorite artists
· jam-orbital - Jam is a longtime favorite and inspiration of mine. If you like boobs and massive, mouth-filling gags, check their stuff out! (Though to be honest, you probably already have.) Their website is also what inspired me to bite the bullet and make my own (and I sorta blatantly ripped off their design... sorry!)
· lostonezero - Excellent artist and another inspiration for me.
· Magnolia-Baillon - Incredibly cute and sexy art at the same time.
· Raya100 - Very prolific artist known for their "Tight Busty" pinups. One of the first DID artists I ever found, too!
· Plasma-dragon - Creative bondage with lots of metal involved.
· BagelBomb
· WossaRem
· Skelebomb
· sleepy-comics
· Raver1357
· Karyu
Other kinky people you should check out
· Rob66 - Rob showcases a ton of kink content from all over. He also does incredibly interesting interviews with artists, writers, etc. in the kink scene!