Deep Within the Castle

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2022
Deirdre from Fire Emblem learns a valuable lesson about STAYING PUT

This is one of those drawings that started as a Yearbook thing but it got out of hand, so it counts as #156. I'm gonna try to stop cheating like this though--there's one more like this in the queue, but after that I'm gonna stick hard to the actual formula!

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Comments (4)


Rare to see some Deirdre DiD, but this looks great! :)


Wow, rare to see some fe4 fanart, especially a bondage one with Deirdre, heck she was even capture in Chapter 2 by the enemy if her HP become 0, i think you just show us how she would look presente in front of the enemy after she was capture on the field.

In any case, she look great tied up and drawn by you, wish we could see more rope, but i guess this is the best you can do thanks to her clothes, she musn't have been easy, right?


Yeah, the angle and the clothing made it pretty difficult. Glad you like!


Hope you do the other girl too, like Julia (Yuria in japanese) Deirdre daughter, since like her mother, she was kidnapped too, fe4 is an underated Fire Emblem and it mechanique is unique one, a Fire Emblem that need to be try at least once for a Fire Emblem fan.