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#220. Rhea

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Dark mode + previously unreleased stuff! posted on Sunday, August 27, 2023
The Damsel Yearbook site now has a dark mode implemented! Just click the little sun button in the top right to use it.

Implementing this wasn't easy, as I had to re-export much of the Yearbook to get rid of the yellow borders so the images would look correct with any background color. While doing this, I took the opportunity to fix other issues and ended up finding a bunch of previously unreleased content. Here's a full rundown:

Content changes & additions:
  • Re-exported large swathes of the Yearbook:
    • Yellow borders removed
    • Resizing issues fixed; jagged lines on small versions of certain images are now smooth
  • Fixed leaking colors, which were invisible without dark mode
  • Fixed coloring oversights:
    • 004 Rena Lanford
    • 199 Caeda
    • 219 R. Mika (topless variant)
  • Rediscovered and/or restored lost variants:
    • 004 Ann Takamaki - maskless, uncropped, maskless uncropped
    • 013 Morrigan Aensland - finished and readded head wings as an alt
    • 015 Chun-Li - finished and readded cropped underboob as default
    • 019 Blake Belladonna - ungagged
    • 026 Osakabehime - exposed version fixed and readded
    • 039 Cassie - uncropped
    • 052 Kyoko Kirigiri - uncropped
    • 061 Android 21 - uncropped

Site additions:
  • "full version" alts now link to the main site instead of a separate version of the image
  • 001 Sophitia Alexandra - fittingly now has a full version link
  • 016 Akane Tsunemori - uncropped version was previously found by clicking on the cropped version, now linked as an alt

Other notes:
  • Most alts have not yet been re-exported without the yellow border as the site currently just links to the raw image anyway. These will be re-exported later.
  • The date captions in the commentary section have been temporarily removed pending a future update that will display them differently.

I hope you like the new features and new-old content! There will be more updates to the Yearbook in the near future, as we're heading into the 5th anniversary in October!

News upgrade posted on Friday, July 7, 2023
News from the Damsel Yearbook site and the main site are now in the same database. That means you can see Yearbook-related news on the main site! In fact, this is the first news article intended to be seen on both sites.

Since this pushes the amount of news articles on the site past what the "recent articles" list shows, I have also added a News Archive page.

The Yearbook site itself still only displays relevant news and looks visually unchanged. I would like for it to have archive support and comments in the future, but right now I don't have an aesthetically presentable solution for that, so those features are only available on the main site.

Speaking of new Yearbook site features, I have added a list of planned future updates to its About page. While the mission statement for the main site is "everything should be easy to find", I consider the Yearbook site to be part of the art, so it needs to look exactly right. Because of that, additions to the Yearbook site will happen more slowly than those to the main site.

Small tweaks posted on Thursday, July 6, 2023
I have altered two things on the Yearbook site. An entry can now display multiple alts. This currently only affects #071. Silvervale and Revlis, but it will be used more in the future. It could technically also be used for #045. Haru Koyama, but since there are like twelve variants for that I think it's more aesthetically presentable to just link to the folder as it does now.

I have also removed mention of my now-defunct DeviantArt page, much like on the main site.

Please look forward to more Yearbook entries very soon. I am currently uploading one drawing every week and generally alternate between Yearbook and pin-up drawings, depending on what's in the pipeline. Only one Yearbook entry for this season remains unfinished, so we'll be going all the way up to #220 without issue!

Birthday option posted on Sunday, July 2, 2023
I have added the option to sort the Yearbook by birthday. When this option is used, only damsels who have a known birthday are listed.

Also, a bug has been fixed with regards to the page select. It now displays correctly both above and below the Yearbook entries.

New feature! posted on Thursday, June 22, 2023
The Yearbook site now has a "Commentary" section which includes some notes on each drawing. For the most part, these are the same comments used on the original upload (usually on DeviantArt), but since I don't post there anymore I've preserved them here.

Because early Yearbook stuff was posted in batches, those don't have commentary yet. There are also a few that were only posted as their "full" versions when I got a little too enthusiastic, so those don't have any either. I intend to fill those in when the time comes. ^.^

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