Posted on Friday, March 5, 2021

#089. Lady Wifi

Miraculous Ladybug

Lady Wifi

Miraculous Ladybug
First appearance: 2016
Also known as: Alya Césaire

Requested by WarioNumberOne

This is a character from Miraculous Ladybug, which I don't really know anything about, but it was fun to draw anyway.

TAGS: 2021, patreon requests, rope bindings, ball gags, miraculous ladybug

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Comments (7)


This is what happens when you don't update your cable management plan


LMAO, the mute symbol on her gag


If only Rena Rouge could see her


That mute ballgag is excessively adorable. Perhaps you don't know much about Ladybug now, but if this is how well you draw the characters, I'm thinking you should learn more. :D


i agree mute ballgag is adorable and you should watch the show its good


Oh, you bet I am now. +w+


You're going to be thrilled with my planned commission for this month, then...

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