Posted on Monday, February 15, 2021

#084. Projekt Melody & Terryn


Projekt Melody & Terryn

First appearance: 2019
Birthday: July 7

Requested by Anonymous A

A follow-up to the Silvervale request from the same patron, here's another Vtuber with her D&D alter-ego: Projekt Melody and Terryn!

I love this kind of pose with girls tied back-to-back with their arms around each other, but it's quite difficult to draw. I used a classic pic as a reference—it's one of my all-time faves: [link]

TAGS: 2021, patreon requests, magic bindings, magic gags, tape gags, vshojo, duos

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Comments (8)


I have trouble with "arm wrap" poses like this in 3D, and can only imagine the headache of trying to draw them. Very nicely done.


It's all thanks to the reference I had. Like I said in the description, I can't seem to link it on here, but it's a piece of Dirty Pair fanart that I'm certain is easy to find.


Fantastic choice!


Back to back bondage goodness!!!

(LOL And I've run afoul of their prudishness for the same reason now and then so I feel your pain!)


I'm only really upset because it refused to explain what the problem was and I had to manually mess around with my description until I realized it was the link.


I know. I've had interviews with links to "taboo" sites and those interviews just would not post when I went to submit them. No reason given at all. I eventually looked at the interviews to see if there was something in them that might be blocking the submission. As soon as I removed the links, the system allowed the post to go through. I guess a little pop up to advise what the issue was would be asking too much ;)


It gave me a popup, but all it said was "Failed to update description" >.>


LOL That sounds very helpful ;)

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