Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2020

#032. Brigitte


Brigitte Lindholm


Overwatch (オーバーウォッチ)
First appearance: 2018
Also known as: Brigitte Lindholm

Requested by CerberusKing

Generally I want to draw characters for the Yearbook in their most iconic outfit, but obviously in the case of someone who wears massive armor, that would be difficult. Not that I wouldn't appreciate the challenge, but after asking the requester, they asked for a tank top. So with a little bit of Googling I found this outfit that she had in like, a video thing... I don't know anything about Overwatch. But the girls sure are cute! :V

I'm pretty proud of the pose I did here. I love making girls raise their shoulders a bit to make it look like they're struggling, and by making Brigitte face down a bit like she's lying down, it creates that effect quite well. ^.^

TAGS: 2020, patreon requests, rope bindings, tape gags, overwatch

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Brig looking amazing!

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