Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2023

#202. Bulma

Dragon Ball



Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール)
First appearance: 1984
Birthday: August 18

Requested by mrsinv1

I neglected to draw this classic Dragon Ball lady for a long time--because one of the cardinal rules of the Yearbook is to use the "most iconic look", but part of what makes Bulma iconic is that she's always changing it!

Since I got this as a Patreon request, I ended up doing her Namek saga outfit. But you know, it always bothered me that she had so little to do in that arc. She pretty much just flies the spaceship and then gets abandoned.

With that arc being so focused on sneaking around and doing tactical things, wouldn't it have been cool to have Bulma sneak onto Freeza's spaceship and steal the Dragon Balls? And then of course she could get captured. Heck, you could throw Launch in there as well... but now I'm rambling.

I figured the Freeza forces would have some sci-fi restraints, so I stole the sort of "space tape straps" that LOZ likes to use. I don't know if they have a real name.

Alternate versions:
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Comments (8)


Very well done my friend


"Spend most of your life ruled by another, watch your race dwindle to a handful, and then tell me what has more meaning than your own strength."



Great job! Loved the glow on the striped and that subtile lights on the hair. Beautiful drawing 😀


This is my favourite look for her.



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