Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2022

#180. Amelia Watson


Amelia Watson


Hololive (ホロライブ)
First appearance: 2020
Birthday: January 6

Requested by Stream suggestion

BREAKING NEWS: Rosie draws a Hololive girl without involving a pole!

This was done on a set of streams. I originally drew her as a stream request back when I let people suggest any character, but this was right after Hololive EN Gen 1 launched, so nobody really had a handle on the characters' personalities yet and I ended up drawing some sort of hidden bondage thing that didn't make much sense in hindsight. It also didn't look great because it was hard to get good references.

So recently I redrew it from scratch, once again taking suggestions on what to do. I think it came out quite well. ^.^ This was also the final unfinished drawing on page 6 of the Yearbook, which means I can finally clear another file out of my "Current Drawings" folder.

TAGS: 2022, stream suggestions, rope bindings, tape gags, hololive

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Comments (4)


Absolutely beautiful! The perfect treatment for a cute bumbling detective ❤️😏🪢


Love her clueless damsel eye expression :)


This looks crazy good, awesome job Rosie!


The hololive ladies are quite a treat for us.

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