Posted on Thursday, May 20, 2021

#110. Ce'Nedra

The Belgariad


The Belgariad
First appearance: 1982

Requested by Another0079

The princess from the fantasy epic The Belgariad, based on the gorgeous cover art for the Japanese release.

Nothles requested this one, having read the book, envisioning a scenario where a happily married Ce'nedra bicker-flirts with Garion, only for him to magically wrap her up in ribbons to shut her up.

Shading this took forever because I wanted to try and do something vaguely comparable to the cover art. I'm pretty proud of it!

TAGS: 2021, patreon requests, ribbon bindings, ribbon gags, otm gags, the belgariad

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Comments (4)


What a raging cutie! Very rescuable.


God honey she looks so prettyyyyyyyyyyyy


I legit never thought I'd see Belgariad kink!


All thanks to Nothles!

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