Spuk Geschichten Issue 394

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Die Insel der Monster
Spuk Geschichten 394-01.jpg
Series Spuk Geschichten
Issue no. 394
Release date 1991
Country Germany
Studio Bastei
Writer Peter Mennigen
Artist Jesus Pena
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Carmilla
Bindings Rope
Positions Wrists behind
Gags Handgag
Page no. 2 - 15

Die Insel der Monster ("The Island of Monsters") is the 394th issue of Spuk Geschichten ("Haunted Stories"), a German comic anthology series primarily following the exploits of the 17th century demon hunter Arsat.


In the eponymous main story, Prince Danilo has made a pact with a fog demon dwelling on an island. In exchange for feeding him victims he receives a chest of gold for each one. Arsat, Carmilla and Gino make contact with his servants first, without knowing who they work for they try to rescue an engaged couple from the island but fail.

When they later learn that a Prince is offering people who settle in his city a bag of gold each, they grow curious and investigate. They find that the rumors are indeed true and while refusing the gold they accept an invitation by the prince. With Carmilla being particular taken in by the opulent lifestyle they enjoy during their stay. When Arsat wants to investigate the island again Carmilla refuses, stating that for once she wants to enjoy life, without hunting any demons. Arsat grants her her wish, setting out with Gino to the island.

While Arsat and Gino investigate the island the Prince is throwing a party, loading all guests onto several lavishly decorated Ships. Carmilla joins the party, then to her horror recognises that the boats are heading for Demon-Island. She warns the prince of the danger that dwells on the island. He laughs it off, telling her he knows of the demon and has her overwhelmed by his servant, who handgags her, later binds and gags her, stowing her on a lifeboat and rowing head, intending to offer Carmilla as an appetizer to the demon.

On the Island Carmilla is rescued by Arsat, who saw the lifeboat land.