Spuk Geschichten Issue 027

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Im Ahnensaal des großen Schatten
Spuk Geschichten 027-01.jpg
Series Spuk Geschichten
Issue no. 27
Release date 1979
Country Germany
Studio Bastei
Writer ???
Artist Guirado
No. of scenes 1
Damsels unnamed woman
Bindings Shackles
Positions Wrists behind
Pole tie
Page no. 17 - 25

Im Ahnensaal des großen Schatten ("In the Ancestral Hall of the Great Shadow") is the 27th issue of Spuk Geschichten ("Haunted Stories"), a German comic anthology series primarily following the exploits of the 17th century demon hunter Arsat.


In the story "Die Herrin der verwunschenen Klippen" ("The Mistress of the enchanted Cliffs") Captain Marc Borell witnesses a siren like young woman being kidnapped from a cliff by large bats. An apparation of an old man warns him that she is an evil creature in human guise and he has taken her to protect people from her. Later on his ship runs aground near an island with a lone castle atop a steep cliffs. He climbs the cliff, only to find the woman from before, shackled to a pillar. Marc decides to rescue her...