Modesty Blaise - The Stone Age Caper

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Modesty Blaise - The Stone Age Caper
Modesty Blaise - The Stone Age Caper 021.jpg
Series Modesty Blaise
Release date 1971
Country Britain
Studio The Hall Syndicate
Writer Peter O'Donnell
Artist Enric Badía Romero
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Modesty Blaise
Judy Welch
Bindings Cuffs
Positions Wrists in front

The Stone Age Caper is the 22nd story of the British spy-thriller series "Modesty Blaise" running from 1963 to 2002 (both as comic strips in newspapers and full story volumes). The Series focuses on the adventures of the eponymous former criminal working for the british secret service.


Modesty Blaise , Dr. Davey Collins and Willie Garvin, are on vacation in Australia. They get involved in a stock scam regarding nickel ore, when Willie, while looking for an Opal he wants to gift to Modesty in the desert comes onto an unconcious woman who is seemingly stranded in the desert. The woman, Judy Welch, whose husband was the victim of a previous stock scam found out the people behind it are planning another one. She went in "undercover" as a secretary to snoop around but was found out and left to die in the desert. While Willie is away the person behind the scam shows up with several goons. After a short confrontation they manage to knock out Modesty and capture her, Judy and Dr. Collins. The three are transported in the back of a truck, handcuffed and are later interrogated in the villains office. The villain decides that before killing the ladies they are still good to "entertain" the men, so he sets Modesty and Judy up with a room.