Modesty Blaise - Highland Witch

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Modesty Blaise - Highland Witch
Modesty Blaise - Highland Witch 005.jpg
Series Modesty Blaise
Release date 1974
Country Britain
Studio The Hall Syndicate
Writer Peter O'Donnell
Artist Enric Badía Romero
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Peggy Western
Bindings Unknown
Positions Wrists in front
Gags Tape

Highland Witch is the 30th story of the British spy-thriller series "Modesty Blaise" running from 1963 to 2002 (both as comic strips in newspapers and full story volumes). The Series focuses on the adventures of the eponymous former criminal working for the british secret service.


Modesty Blaise and Dr. Gordon Ritchie are on a trip in the country, fishing at a stream near a waterfall. Meanwhile up the stream 2 men drag a bound and tapegagged young woman out of a landrover while being commanded by a burly older woman. They dump her into the stream, her bound body drifting downstream, toward a waterfall. From their position below Modesty sees the woman falling down the waterfall and dives into the stream to save her. She manages to drag her onto land where Gordon performs CPR, saving the womans life.