Edens Zero Season 1 Episode 8

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Wind Howls on the Highway is the eighth episode of Edens Zero.

Wind Howls on the Highway
Japanese 風の鳴くハイウェイ
(Kaze no Naku Haiwei)
Show Edens Zero
Episode no. 8
Release date May 30, 2021
Country Japan
Studio J.C. Staff
Writer Mitsutaka Hirota
Director Kazuma Satō
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Rebecca Bluegarden
Bindings Metal
Voice actors
Japanese Mikako Komatsu


Off-screen, Rebecca falls prey to serial kidnappers who are abducting B-Cubers and taking them to the planet Guilst. At the end of the episode, Rebecca is seen unconscious and bound with metal restraints.