Edens Zero Season 1 Episode 6

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The Skull Fairy is the sixth episode of Edens Zero.

The Skull Fairy
Japanese スカルフェアリー号
(Sukaru Fearī-gō)
Show Edens Zero
Episode no. 6
Release date May 16, 2021
Country Japan
Studio J.C. Staff
Writer Mitsutaka Hirota
Director Tsuneo Tominaga
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Rebecca Bluegarden
Bindings Tentacles
Voice actors
Japanese Mikako Komatsu


Rebecca's ship is captured by the space pirate vessel, the Skull Fairy. After she and the others are taunted by the ship's captain, Elsie Crimson, Shiki decides he's going to turn things around by capturing her ship and runs off to meet her, at which point he encounters strange half-human half-squid creatures.

The scene cuts back to show the others in the same predicament, with Rebecca wrapped up in the creatures' tentacles. Weisz is holding his own by shooting them, but instead of helping Rebecca he decides to take advantage of her restraints. He promptly receives karmic justice when tentacles grab him from behind.

Just then, Happy is able to execute his transformation into a pair of guns, allowing Rebecca to free herself by destroying the creatures, but not without giving Weisz a taste of his own medicine first.