666 Vol.3 Demonio Fortissimo

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666 3-01.jpg
Series 666
Issue no. 3
Release date 1996
Country France
Writer François Marcela Froideval
Artist Franck Tacito
Jean-Jacques Chagnaud
No. of scenes 5
Damsels Lilith
unnamed woman
Kathy Shmurtz
Bindings Chain Leashes
Page no. 22-23

666 - Demonio Fortissimo is the third volume in the six volume cycle 666 - decipting a demonic invasion of earth in an over the top "action movie stlye" way.


In this volume Pater Carmody, who spearheads the fight against the demon invasion on the side of the vatican has a dream induced by Lilith. In the dream he is a young priest in colonial america falling for a woman living with her sister (which are essentially Lillith and her right hand demon Scheneschta and marrying the former before he discovers they are in league with Satan. He tells his superiors about his discovery which sees them brought before the judges of the town, with metal collars and chain leashes and burned, shackled to wooded stakes.

Its not made clear in the story whence this is a callback to a former life, he is unnaturally long lived and this really is his past or if it is just an dream - what is made clear is that it is send to him by Lilith though.

Later on, Carmody is infilitrating the sealed off (by a magic barrier) New York city with a squad of vatican commandoes, Rabbis Hisshim and Mossad Agent Sarah. They are protected from the demons senses by scripture charms the rabbi has drawn for each one. They come upon a major street where among other things a demon has a human woman leashed to him. Another slave calls out to his masters when he sees the group but is dismissed by his master.

While the infiltration is taking place we get a scene from Lilith New York Palace where she languishes on her bed while in the background her demonic toy teddy forces itself onto the chain leashed Kathy Shmurtz.

Lilith sets off to visit her father, Satan himself, and bring more demon legions to earth, leaving Scheneschta in command of New York and the invasion as a whole. So when Carmody brazenly walks into Lilith Palace with an atomic bomb as an ace up his sleeve it is only Scheneschta he finds, who was just about to insert a large sex toy into the still leashed Kathy.