Stuff-Fulfilling Prophecy

Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2022
What's this?! It seems like I just can't escape getting nabbed by cute girls from games and shows. This time it's Isla from King of Fighters XV... and with those magic hands of hers, it's really not fair at all! What does she want with me, anyway?!

A very large commission for Anonymous A, featuring myself in the clutches of Isla from The King of Fighters XV. Originally published page by page, I have preserved the original descriptions for subsequent pages below:

Oh no! Not only am I getting wrapped up more and more, but now she's starting to undress me too?! I really just can't get a break...

Yikes! There's nowhere to run... not that I can run anyway! H-Hey, what are you doing with those...? Don't tell me...

Mmmmph! Mmrrrphh?! Mmmmhh mmmmm!!!

(Geez, it's so tight... wait, what? There's still more?! Give me a break! What's your deal, anyway? Just showing up out of nowhere and wrapping me up like this... why are you giving me that look like I'M the weird one?!)

(Hey! Will you get off me and explain what the hell you're-- oh. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh)

The end...?

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