Worm Chapter 10.1

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Parasite 10.1
Series Worm
Author John C. McCrae
Release date April 24, 2012
Country America
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Sophia Hess (Shadow Stalker)
Bindings Extension cords
Positions Chair tie
Gags Extension cord

Parasite 10.1 is the first chapter of the Parasite arc of Worm.


After ambushing, tasing, and tranquilizing her at the end of the previous chapter, the Undersiders carry Shadow Stalker to an abandoned building, where Grue binds her to a chair with live extension cords to prevent her from using her power to phase through her restraints. Imp naturally takes the opportunity to tease Grue, jokingly accusing him of copping a feel and saying she "didn't take [him] for a bondage freak". Ignoring her, Grue secures the cords with duct tape, then tapes two other chairs to the sides of Sophia's chair to prevent her from tipping herself over.

Shortly after, Sophia wakes up and briefly trades barbs with the Undersiders, only to panic and begin struggling violently when she realizes they plan to have Regent take control of her body with his powers. In response, Regent asks the others to gag her before leaving, and Tattletale complies, winding some excess cord between her lips and securing it with a strip of duct tape.