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Vendetta kate prelude.png
Japanese Crime Fighters 2
Release date 1991
Country Japan
Developer Konami
Damsels Kate
Bindings Rope
Gags Cloth cleave
Voice actors

Vendetta is a side scrolling beat-em-up arcade game by Konami.


The player's gang, the Cobras, is out to rescue member Hawk's girlfriend Kate, who has been kidnapped by the rival Dead End gang.

The prelude shows Kate tied up and gagged, and she is shown slung over the back of an escaping motorcycle at the beginning of the first stage.

At the end of stage 2, Kate is tied up in the background while you fight the boss. After defeating him, the interlude shows Kate being carried off while still tied up.

Kate is in the background again during the boss fight at the end of stage 5. After defeating the boss, Kate is shown being rescued with the ropes cut off of her and her gag around her neck.

(Credit: Kourraxspam)