Transformers G1 Season 2 Episode 49

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Show The Transformers
Release date January 9,1986
Country United States
Studio Toei
Writer Earl Kress
Director Terry Lennon
Storyboard Peter Chung
David Russel
Greg Davidson
David Shin
George Goode
Roy Shishido
Doug Lefler
Vincenzo Tripetti
Gerald Moeller
Wendall Washer
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Elise Presser
Gags Tape gag
Timestamp 21:45
Voice actors
English Samantha Newark

B.O.T. is the 65th episode of The Transformers, a cartoon animated by Sunbow Productions, Marvel Productions, and Toei Animation to promote the first line of Transformers toys. This initial incarnation of the Transformers franchise is codified as "G1" for distinction from later incarnations.


Deception combiner Bruticus coincidentally loses a fight to Autobot combiner Defensor on the same day that two high school delinquents are tasked with winning a science fair as punishment. The Decepticon Swindle decides to try and turn a profit by selling the battered parts of his teammates to foreign human leaders. He empties out his remaining collection of unsellable parts in a nearby dump.

The two delinquents, Martin and Roland, have an uninvolved student named Elise assigned to them as a supervisor. The three high-schoolers see the Autobots performing a rescue and are inspired to create a robot themselves in pursuit of that science fair blue ribbon. They happen to salvage parts from the same dump Swindle discarded parts in, Elise in particular picking up a curious device that turns out to be a Decepticon personality component.

Martin, Roland, and Elise construct a functioning robot that proceeds to turn on them and require Autobot intervention. The school project B.O.T. actually proves to be quite a nuisance to the Autobots, leading to a significant battle and chase before the personality component can be retrieved.

The actual damsel scene occurs at the tail end of the episode, serving as a lighthearted joke beat to close out the episode. Elise asks the Autobots if they have any spare parts, implying she wants to try building another B.O.T. Martin and Roland take to either side of her, gagging her with duct tape and dragging her off by the arms.