The Three Musketeers (1987 anime) Episode 28

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Milady's Revenge
Sanjushi s01e28 3.jpg
Japanese ミレディーの復讐
(Milady no Fukushuu)
Show The Three Musketeers (1987 anime)
Episode no. 28
Release date June 17, 1988
Country Japan
Studio Gallop
Writer Yasuo Tanami
Director Tetsuro Amino
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Constance Bonacieux
Bindings Rope
Positions Box tie


Gags OTN
Voice actors
Japanese Noriko Hidaka
French Nathalie Régnier
Italian Marina Massironi
German Solveig Duda

Milady's Revenge is the 28th episode of The Three Musketeers (アニメ三銃士, Anime Sanjūshi), a 1987 anime based upon the d'Artagnan Romances by Alexander Dumas.


The cruel spy Milady kidnaps d'Artagnan's friend Constance to lure him to his death.

Constance is marched to a water mill with her hands tied behind her back. Milady's trained monkey Pepe jumps on Constance's shoulders and throws a cloth over her face to gag her, and when Constance shrugs Pepe off of her Milady grabs her and finishes knotting the gag herself.

Inside the mill, Milady ties rope around Constance's waist to hoist her into the air as she sets up an elaborate mechanical booby trap for d'Artagnan. When d'Artagnan arrives, the gagged Constance yells to d'Artagnan to warn him about the trap, but he is unable to understand her and cuts the rope. Constance falls to the floor as a trap door opens beneath d'Artagnan, dropping him into a well beneath the mill. Milady appears with a pistol and Constance struggles as she protests in horror through the gag. Milady shoots out the sluice gate and the well begins to fill with water as she closes the trap door, sealing d'Artagnan inside.

Milady ties Constance to a support beam and throws a candle into a bed of straw as she leaves, starting a fire. Constance cries out for d'Artagnan through the gag as she struggles and the fire spreads. She coughs as the mill fills with smoke. Inside the well, d'Artagnan uses his last breath to whistle for his smart horse Rossinante, and he's forced underwater by the trap door as water spills out around it. Constance sees the water and cries out through the gag as she knows that d'Artagnan is drowning.

Rossinante hears the whistle and uses his hooves to kick open the door to the mill. Picking up d'Artagnan's discarded sword in his teeth, he runs past Constance, cutting her free.