The Stolen Princess

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The Stolen Princess
Release date March 7, 2018
Country Ukraine
Studio Animagrad Animation Studio
Writer Yaroslav Voytseshek
Director Oleg Malamuzh
Storyboard Kostyantyn Fedorov
Oleg Masukevish
Anton Petrusevych
Andrey Plugar
No. of scenes 4
Damsels Princess Nina
Princess Mila
Three Unnamed Princesses
Bindings Ropes
Cuffs (Donuts)
Positions Poletie
Hands in Front
Gags OTM
Timestamp 0:00:41
Voice actors
English Alyson Leigh Rosenfield
Kate Bristol

The Stolen Princess is an animated feature film produced by the Ukrainian studio Animagrad. It is an adaptation of Alexandr Puskin’s 1820 fairytale Ruslan and Ludmilla.


The movie opens with its first damsel scene. The sorcerers Finn and Shernomore duel over the fate of Finn’s wife Princess Nina. Nina is tied to a pole on an altar and gagged with a cloth over her mouth. When Finn has seemingly defeated Shernomore, he approaches the altar to free Nina. The princess wrests her hands free from the ropes too late to ungag herself and warn Finn of the altar’s enchantment: When he steps on the altar, he is assaulted by spirits that drain his youth. Shernomore reenters the fight and now bests the elder Finn. The evil sorcerer is able to freely petrify Nina into a statue with a spell that distills her love for Finn into a liquid that can power his magic staff.

History then repeats itself as Shernomore kidnaps Princess Mila for the love that she has recently shared with the minstrel Ruslan. As Ruslan journeys to Shernomore’s castle to rescue her, Mila makes every effort to evade Shernomore’s ritual. One of the sorcerer’s attempts to imprison Mila involves setting a table with enchanted food. When she stops to eat, the food ambushes her. Donuts roll up Mila’s dress and link together to cuff her wrists in front of her. Then a mob of food pushes her to the floor and tries to bury her. Mila is able to take a fork that one of the cupcakes brandished as a weapon against her and use it to cut apart the middle donut on her cuffs. This allows her to toss the mob off by rising to her feet again.

Mila briefly passes by four previous kidnapped princesses, including Princess Nina from the start of the movie, all lined up as a row of statues. She comments on how lifelike they look before keeping on the move to avoid sharing their fate. But Shernomore is able to goad Mila into revealing herself by telling her that he impersonated her to break up with Ruslan and convince him to turn back. Shernomore animates some root-like ornamentation on the wall to restrain Mila and carry her to the altar. Mila tosses a friendly bird her necklace to prove to Ruslan that the Mila that rejected him wasn’t the real her.

Mila is tied to the altar’s pole like Princess Nina before her. She berates Shernomore until the sorcerer summons a cloth gag to quiet her. The princess gets some good struggling and mumbling in before Shernomore further quiets her by magically rendering her unconscious. Ruslan ultimate defeats Shernomore and knowingly braves the altar’s trap to free Princess Milla with a swing of his sword.