The Return of Jafar

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The Return of Jafar
Show Aladdin: The Return of Jafar
Release date May 20, 1994
Country United States
Studio Walt Disney Television Animation
Disneytoon Studios
Writer Kevin Cambell
Mirith J.S. Colao
Bill Motz
Steve Roberts
Dev Ross
Bob Roth
Jan Strnad
Brian Swenlin
Director Toby Shelton
Tad Stones
Alan Zaslove
Storyboard Kurt Anderson
Ryan Anthony
Shawna Cha-Gallego
Victor Cook
Will Finn
John Flagg
Llyn Hunter
Craig Kemplin
Denise Koyama
Lonnie Lloyd
David Prince
Bert Ring
Chris Rutkowski
Wendell Washer
Phil Weinstein
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Princess Jasmine
Bindings Clamps
Positions Hands over Head
Timestamp 51:25
Voice actors
English Linda Larkin

The Return of Jafar is the first Direct-to-Video movie produced by Disneytoon Studios, back when it was called Walt Disney Video Premiere, and Walt Disney Television Animation. Conceived as a pilot for the Aladdin television series, the movie continues the story of Disney’s Aladdin by having the first movie’s villain Jafar plot an elaborate revenge against Aladdin with his genie magic.


Jafar intimidates Iago into suggesting that he, Aladdin, and the Sultan go out for a picnic under the pretense of helping patch up relations between the Sultan and the reformed Iago. Jafar springs a magic ambush to capture the Sultan and send Aladdin over a waterfall. Aladdin has to make his way back to the palace on his own, where he is arrested. Princess Jasmine seemingly found her father’s turban slashed and is convinced that Aladdin must have murdered him. Jasmine sentences Aladdin to execution before running off in tears.

But once out of sight, Jasmine makes her way to a dungeon room where all of Aladdin’s friends are locked away. The real Princess Jasmine is just having her wrists locked into clamps on the wall above her head and her ankles locked in shackles attached to a ball and chain by Jafar’s genie master/bumbling minion Abis Mal. The imposter Jasmine confronts the real Jasmine with a smug look before revealing herself to be a shapeshifted Jafar.

Jafar gloats to Jasmine about how he’s set things up to make it look like Aladdin is being executed on her orders. Jasmine gasps in despair before vowing revenge on Iago for betraying them. Jafar shows an interest in Jasmine’s “spirited” anger. He cups her chin with his fingers but swiftly has to pull his hand away to avoid being bitten by her. The villains notes that extended imprisonment should have Jasmine responding kindlier to his advances.

Jafar turns back into Jasmine to make an appearance at Aladdin’s execution, leaving Jasmine and Aladdin’s other friends chained up. Feeling guilty, Iago flies over Jasmine’s head to get to the table where Genie is imprisoned in a crystal ball. He explains that Genie can save Aladdin if he can free him. Jasmine watches on, urgently berating Iago failed efforts until the parrot finally shatters the ball. Genie flies out in a flash to pull Aladdin off of the chopping block. He then teleports everyone else out of the dungeon.