The Daughter of Twenty Faces Episode 18

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Terror Tower is the 18th episode of The Daughter of Twenty Faces.

Terror Tower
Dotr 18 09.jpg
Show The Daughter of Twenty Faces
Episode no. 18
Release date August 24, 2008
Country Japan
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Shunka Koito
Bindings Rope
Positions Suspended
Gags Cleave gag


Voice actors
Japanese Rina Satou


Picking up where the last episode left off, Shunka Koito is still tied up and gagged, suspended from the crane hook as a hostage while Chizuko and Twenty Faces try to rescue her and stop Kouhei.

As Kouhei and Twenty Faces begin to fight, Chizuko manages to get to the crane controls and hoists Shunka up to a catwalk where Chizuko hefts her over the railing and begins to untie her, but they are interrupted by the sister of the super soldier boy who had choked Shunka previously.

The girl easily overpowers them both and brings them back down to the floor where Twenty Faces is given one last chance to bargain. The girls get away, and Shunka takes cover under some collapsed concrete as several fights break out in the room. Shunka realizes that the edge of the broken concrete is sharp, and she begins to saw at the rope around her wrists as she fearfully watches her friend fighting for her life with the super soldier girl.