Suske en Wiske Volume 7

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De koning drinkt
SNW 07b 07.png
French L'oiseau blanc
Series Suske en Wiske
Volume no. 7
Release date 1948 (black and white)
1972 (full color)
Country Belgium
Studio Studio Vandersteen
Writer Willy Vandersteen
Artist Willy Vandersteen
No. of scenes 3
Damsels Wiske
Tsji Tsji
Bindings Rope

De Witte Uil is the seventh volume of Suske en Wiske (though it was released eighth in the newspaper serialization). The story was originally serialized in 1948 with a paperback release in 1950, but it was largely redrawn for a full-color release in 1972 (#134). The black-and-white and full color versions are both featured in this article due to the different art.


Suske and Wiske chase after some questionably depicted Chinese criminals who have captured Lambik's older brother Arthur, who has the ability to fly. Unfortunately, they make a poor landing on the villains' ship and are also captured, bound hand and foot with rope and locked in the hold. Suske shows one of the villains what-for by kicking a hatch shut in his face, which angers the man enough to try and shoot his prisoner. Fortunately, the submarine just then hits a snag, causing the hatch to slam shut again.

Later, the prisoners are transferred to an old warship and locked in stocks. The ship sinks in a storm, but the wood of the stocks allows Suske and Wiske to float away and survive. They are rescued by a fisherman.

The duo team up with the Chinese princess Tsji Tsji, but are captured once more with a net and bound with rope. Arthur reappears to attempt a rescue, but is driven off. The prisoners are taken away tied to a bar and sent to work as slaves, at which point they are unbound.


Arguably racist depictions of Chinese people

1948 black and white version

1972 full color version