Suske en Wiske Volume 4

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De koning drinkt
SNW 04b thumb.jpg
English The King Drinks
French Le roi boit
Series Suske en Wiske
Volume no. 4
Release date 1947 (black and white)
1970 (full color)
Country Belgium
Studio Studio Vandersteen
Writer Willy Vandersteen
Artist Willy Vandersteen
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Wiske
Bindings Chains
Positions Poletie
Over the shoulder
Lying down
Gags OTN

De koning drinkt is the fourth volume of Suske en Wiske (though it was released fifth in the newspaper serialization). The story was originally released in 1947, but it was completely redrawn for a full-color release in 1970 (#105). The black-and-white and full color versions are both featured in this article due to the different art.


Suske and Wiske end up in medieval times via a magic mirror, where they meet the ancestor of their aunt Sidonia, a witch by the same name. Wiske ends up saving the life of the king by introducing beer (they're Belgian, after all!), but this creates envy in the sovereign of a neighbouring country. He captures Wiske and chains her to a pole. Then he demands that she tells her how to brew beer, threatening to destroy her ragdoll Schanulleke. Wiske seems to give in, but escapes before she actually has to reveal the secret.

Later, both Suske and Wiske are knocked out and captured by the witch Sidonia, who binds them with rope and gags them with cloth before carrying them to her cabin where she force-feeds them a potion that will make them obedient to her.


1947 black and white version

1970 full color version