Spuk Geschichten Issue 059

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Die Gefangene des Affendämons
Spuk Geschichten 059-01.jpg
Series Spuk Geschichten
Issue no. 59
Release date 1979
Country Germany
Studio Bastei
Writer Peter Mennigen
Artist Toni Deu
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Angelina
Bindings Rope
Positions Hands in front
Gags OTM
Page no. 3 - 16

Die Gefangene des Affendämons ("The Captive of the Ape Demon") is the 59th issue of Spuk Geschichten ("Haunted Stories"), a German comic anthology series primarily following the exploits of the 17th century demon hunter Arsat.


In the eponymous main story, the Daughter of the Doge of Venice, Angelina, gets kidnapped. The kidnappers are demons in the service of the Great Shadow, they try to blackmail the Doge into arresting Arsat and delivering him to them, in exchange for Angelina´s life.