Spuk Geschichten Issue 030

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Die Rückkehr des Dämonen
Spuk Geschichten 030-01.jpg
Series Spuk Geschichten
Issue no. 30
Release date 1979
Country Germany
Studio Bastei
Writer ???
Artist Losada
No. of scenes 1
Damsels unnamed woman
Bindings Shackles
Positions Wrists behind
Pole tie
Page no. 17 - 25

Die Rückkehr des Dämonen ("The Torch of Forbidden Dreams") is the 30th issue of Spuk Geschichten ("Haunted Stories"), a German comic anthology series primarily following the exploits of the 17th century demon hunter Arsat.


In the story "Der Herr der Zeiten" ("The Master of Ages"), an archaeologist discovers the entrance to a egyptian tomb. Not heeding the warnings of the inscriptions, the awakened "Master of Ages", whose tomb it is, curses the archaeologist to a journey through time, each time facing death. One of the time jumps place him on the pyre of a witch burning beside a woman, shackled to a pole.