Spuk Geschichten Issue 029

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Im Bann des Leoparden-Zaubers
Spuk Geschichten 029-01.jpg
Series Spuk Geschichten
Issue no. 29
Release date 1979
Country Germany
Studio Bastei
Writer ???
Artist Acciari
No. of scenes 1
Damsels unnamed water nymph
Bindings Net
Page no. 17 - 25

Im Bann des Leoparden-Zaubers ("Under the spell of the Leopard-Magic") is the 29th issue of Spuk Geschichten ("Haunted Stories"), a German comic anthology series primarily following the exploits of the 17th century demon hunter Arsat.


In the story "Das Tor der Finsterniss" ("The Gate of Darkness"), the ambitious Magican Servatius traps a fawn and a water nymph with a magic net. His intend is to take the keys to underworld that are in the nymphs possesion and the cloth of the fawn, to protect him from the dangers he faces down there.