Spirou & Fantasio Volume 35

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Who Will Stop Cyanide?
Spirou35 thumb.png
French Qui arrêtera Cyanure?
Dutch Malle Marilyn
Series Spirou & Fantasio
Volume no. 35
Release date September 12, 1985
Country Belgium
Studio Dupuis
Writer Tome
Artist Janry
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Cyanide
Bindings Rope
Positions Chairtie

Who Will Stop Cyanide? is the 35th volume of the Franco-Belgian comic Spirou & Fantasio. The English release by Cinebook was released as volume 12.


After Fantasio acquires a strange robot, the latter goes haywire, prompting Spirou and Fantasio to chase it all the way to a seemingly abandoned train station. Investigating further, they find a woman in the cellar, tied to a chair with a bag tied over her head. Fantasio struggles to untie her, noting that the knots are "enough to bind an elephant", while Spirou opts to remove the bag from the woman's head to stop her from suffocating. Unfortunately for the duo, it turns out that the woman is the titular Cyanide, a murderous android with the power to control any nearby mechanical equipment. Light gives her power, so without the bag over her head, she is at full strength. Taking advantage of the situation, she attacks the two and flees.


Adaptation notes

This comic was adapted into an episode of the same name in the 1992 animated series of Spirou & Fantasio. In that version, Cyanide (sporting a different design) is tied up inside a closet without a bag over her head.