Shock Troopers

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Shock Troopers
Cecilia in chair.png
Japanese ショックトルーパーズ
Release date November 11, 1997
Country Japan
Developer Saurus
Bindings Rope
Voice actors

Shock Troopers is a top view run and gun shooting game created by Saurus and published for the Neo-Geo.


The game shows several interlude scenes with text and animation between the stages, showing the story of Cecilia, a young woman who is being held hostage by a terrorist army to convince her grandfather to give them a powerful super soldier drug.

The first interlude shows Cecilia seated in a chair with her hands tied behind her back.

The second interlude shows Cecilia being hauled away by soldiers while still bound.

The final boss carries Cecilia away with a sword at her throat at the end of the last stage.

The final battle is on the back of a large airplane-like flying fortress, and Cecilia stands bound to the railing during the fight.

(Credit: Kourraxspam)


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