Sensation Comics (1942) Issue 8

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Sensation Comics #8
Series Sensation Comics
Issue no. 8
Release date August, 1942
Country United States
Studio DC Comics
Writer William Moulton Marston
Penciler Harry G. Peter
Inker Harry G. Peter
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Wonder Woman
Gloria Bullfinch
Bindings Rope
Positions Balltie
Gags OTM

Sensation Comics is a 109-issue DC Comics anthology series published from 1942 to 1952. The Golden Age incarnation of Wonder Woman was the starring feature for most of its run. The seventh issue of Sensation Comics contains two damsel scenes, both of which are in the Wonder Woman feature.

“Department Store Perfidy”

Diana Prince, secretly Wonder Woman, hears from a co-worker that the Bullfinch Department Store is severely mistreating their employees and goes to investigate. The store’s owner, Gloria Bullfinch, is apathetic to the situation, so Diana decides to confront Gloria in her home as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman binds Gloria in the Lasso of Truth and uses its compelling magic to hypnotize Gloria into believing that she is a poor working girl named Ruth Smith. She brings Ruth to the Holiday Girls, who are going to take the job positions of the laid off workers at Bullfinch Department store to assist in the investigation.

Gloria’s fiancé, Guigi Del Slimo, plans to rob the department store with the help of the aggrieved workers. He attempts to foil Diana’s investigation first by kidnapping Steve Trevor, then by setting a trap for Diana. The trap is instead sprung on Wonder Woman, who is knocked out and bound into a balltie all the same. Wonder Woman is taken to the department store and locked in a safe along with Steve. The robbers hope to dispose of them while setting off an explosion to leave no crime scene. However, now that Wonder Woman has found Steve, she easily breaks her rope bonds and forces the safe door back open.

In the end, Del Slimo’s scheme is exposed and Gloria’s trance is broken. Having endured being a store clerk herself, Gloria resolves to make Bullfinch Department Store a better place to work.