Secret Agent Corrigan - The Shiek's Wife

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Secret Agent Corrigan - The Shiek´s Wife
Secret Agent Corrigan - The Shiek's Wife 076.jpg
Series Secret Agent Corrigan
Release date unknown
Country America
Studio King Features
Writer Archie Goodwin
Artist Al Williamson
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Wilda Corrigan
Bindings unknown
Gags Handgag

The Shiek´s Wife is a story from the series "Secret Agent Corrigan" which ran mostly as a comic strip from 1934 to 1994, about the adventures of FBI Agent Corrigan. The Series originally went by the title Secret Agent X-9.


Phil Corrigan´s Wife, Wilda, has caught the attention of an Shiek, who wants to marry her and promptly has her abducted from a beach resort, chloroforming and blindfolding her. Phil sees her when the Shiek´s Car drives by, with her blindfolded and tapegagged in the backseat.