Samurai Champloo Episode 5

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Artistic Anarchy
Samurai ChamplooEp5-2.png
Japanese 馬耳東風
Show Samurai Champloo
Episode no. 5
Release date June 24, 2004
Country Japan
Studio Manglobe
Writer Dai Satō
Director Sayo Yamamoto
Storyboard Sayo Yamamoto
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Fuu
Bindings Rope
Gags OTN
Voice actors
Japanese Ayako Kawasumi
English Kari Wahlgren
German Corrina Dorenkamp
Italian Alessa Amendola

Artistic Anarchy is the fifth episode of Samurai Champloo.


While looking for money to pay for a ferry, Fuu meets Ukiyo-e artist Hishikawa Moronobu, who becomes taken with Fuu and offers to pay her if she will model for his next painting. That night when Hishikawa finishes his work, it is revealed he's involved in the slave trade as three slavers arrive ready to abduct Fuu. Before she can do anything, Fuu is grabbed from behind and quickly bound with rope, a cloth tied over her mouth and nose to gag her and muffle any further protests. After being bound and gagged, she is taken to a storehouse in the dead of night and stuffed in a barrel to be shipped off. Later that night Hishikawa, guilty of his involvement, goes to the storehouse to find Fuu, and succeeds after Fuu's gag muffled protests and struggles within her barrel alert him to her location.

After a brief time free of her ropes and gag, Fuu is once again recaptured by the slavers and is put on a boat on the river to be taken to a slave ship later that day. Her transport is interrupted by her traveling companion Mugen, and she's whisked away by one of the slavers struggling and yelling out through her gag as Mugen eventually gives chase. The chase ends after Mugen catches up to them at a Ukiyo-e store that serves as a front for the slave trade, and Fuu is picked up by police officer "Manzo The Saw" who humorously confronts the owners of the slave operation with Fuu still bound, gagged, and struggling under his arm, cited as a witness to the operation. Fuu is eventually left on the ground, still bound and gagged and seemingly forgotten in the moment as the slave operators are placed under arrest before eventually being freed once again sometime later.


(Credit: Mikachu)