Rip Kirby - International Incident

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Rip Kirby - International Incident
Rip Kirby - International Incident 064.jpg
Series Rip Kirby
Release date 1953
Country America
Studio King Features
Writer Fred Dickenson
Artist John Prentice
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Holly Glowstep
Bindings Rope
Positions Wrists behind back
Gags OTM

International Incident is the 24th story about the adventures of the american Private Investigator Rip Kirby and his associates.


Rip Kirby gets entangled in the affairs of the sports car loving millionaire Jet Allison. Jet Allison intends to have one of her sports cars compete in an international race of some renown. An accident (which later turns out to be sabotage) costs the original driver (who was also making avances toward Jet) his life. She chooses Rip to be his replacement. Rip and his butler Desmond suspect foul play and are on guard toward any sabotage attempts. During the Race, when Rip has to do a box stop Jet´s assistant tries to spike his drink in the teams trailer before bringing him the bottle. Jet catches him in the act but he overwhelms her, tieing her up and gagging her before hiding her in the trailer. When he draws suspicion to himself he flees from the race with the trailer attached to his car. He stops at a mountain road to untie Jet, sending the trailer down the mountain side, then he takes Jet to a cabin, trying to force her to marry him.