Rip Kirby - House of Mystery

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Rip Kirby - House of Mystery
Rip Kirby - House of Mystery 060.jpg
Series Rip Kirby
Release date 1974
Country America
Studio King Features
Writer Fred Dickenson
Artist John Prentice
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Holly Glowstep
Bindings Rope
Positions Wrists behind back
Gags OTM

House of Mystery is the 97th story about the adventures of the american Private Investigator Rip Kirby and his associates.


Rip´s Girlfriend, Holly Glowstep (an interior designer), gets hired to renovate an old house for an elderly well to do lady that formerly lived in it. She quickly learns from the lady that she mistrusts the custodian, the nurse he hired and his chauffeur, believing that they intend to kill her. Her father found out that the man who is now the custodian embezzled funds from his company and threw him out, after having him sign an confession. Her father hid the confession, not wanting to ruin the mans life but used it to keep him away from him, his fortune and his family. Now as her father is dead a long time and her health is failing the man tricked his way into a position as custodian, without having to fear the confession as her father has hidden it. Holly and Mr Wiggers, a butler (and recurring character) she hired start looking for the confession, but just as they find it they are discovered by the custodian, the nurse and chauffeur. Holly, the butler and the old lady are tied up and gagged, with the bad guys opening a gas valve and leaving, hoping it will kill the three so they can make it look like a natural cause. They are saved just in time by Rip after Wiggers managed to drop a clue during a conversation on the phone (where he had a gun to his head).