Record of Lodoss War Episode 9

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The Scepter of Domination
Recordoflodosswar ova ep9 05.png
Japanese 支配の王錫
(Shihai no Ōshaku)
Show Record of Lodoss War
Episode no. 9
Release date June 30, 1991
Country Japan
Writer Kenichi Kanemaki
Director Taiji Ryu
Storyboard Akinori Nagaoka
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Deedlit
Bindings Chains
Positions Standing
Gags None
Blindfolds None
Timestamp TBD
Voice actors
Japanese Yumi Touma
English Lisa Ortiz

The Scepter of Domination is the 9th episode of Record of Lodoss War.


Deedlit is targeted by Pirotess and several other dark elves to be kidnapped so she can be used in a sacrificial ritual. Pirotess successfully captures Deedlit by chaining her to a tree and casting a sleep spell on her, but before she can make a getaway with her captive, Parn, Shiris and Orson arrive to rescue her.


Adaptation notes

The Record of Lodoss War OVA series adapts the novels. However, this story arc is adapted rather loosely. In the original novel, it happens to the "next generation" of characters instead, with Neese being the target. She is not tied up in this manner.