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NAM-1975 is a side-scrolling shooting gallery arcade game by SNK for the Neo Geo.

Nam1975 01.png
Release date 1990
Developer SNK
No. of scenes 3
Bindings Rope
Positions Suspension

Post tied

Voice actors


The player is a soldier returning to Vietnam to rescue a scientist who is being held hostage by terrorists to build a giant laser weapon.

During the game the player will encounter large soldiers with vests who are dragging along women as human shields. The women have their hands bound behind their backs. Killing the soldiers will release the women who will then fight alongside the player.

At the end of stage 5, the scientist's daughter Nancy is found in a factory. She is suspended from the ceiling by a rope with her hands tied behind her back. She is shown in a close up during a brief cut scene before the boss fight.

The final boss has two women tied to posts on either side of the building as he emerges.