Modesty Blaise - The Wicked Gnomes

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Modesty Blaise - The Wicked Gnomes
Modesty Blaise - The Wicked Gnomes 003.jpg
Series Modesty Blaise
Release date 1973
Country Britain
Studio The Hall Syndicate
Writer Peter O'Donnell
Artist Enric Badía Romero
No. of scenes 4
Damsels Maude Tiller
Bindings Handcuffs
Positions Wrists in front

The Wicked Gnomes is the 27th story of the British spy-thriller series "Modesty Blaise" running from 1963 to 2002 (both as comic strips in newspapers and full story volumes). The Series focuses on the adventures of the eponymous former criminal working for the british secret service.


Maude Tiller, working for the Secret Service has uncovered Pauline Brown as a double agent and brought her to justice. Pauline´s employers now seek for a way to get her out of prison, tasking a Group known as Salamander 4 with achieving the goal. Salamander chooses to try a prisoner exchange, kidnapping a Secret Service Agent and then exchanging the Agent for Pauline. They choose to kidnap Maude with the help of two rather crude and cruel crooks and murderers. They abduct Pauline while she is out in the countryside on a holiday with Willie Gavin, Modesty Blaise´s associate.

They keep Maude handcuffed in their lair, either in a cell or socialising with her over a game of cards or some coffee. The exchange goes awry with the goverment refusing to do it. Willie and Modesty decide to take matters into their own hands, freeing Pauline from prison and offering an exchange (while not really intending to do it, just hoping to find out where Maude is kept and getting into a position to free her). While they discover the crooks hideout they find that they have brought Maude away into a limestone mine with a bomb that will go off if Pauline isnt set free in time. The two race to mine, to find Maude chained by one wrist to the stone floor. The bomb goes off, cutting off the exit and, so hope the crooks, burying them in the mine. But Modesty and Willie have taken precautions.