Lupin III (1971) Episode 12

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Who Had The Last Laugh?
Lupiniii 1971 ep12 01.png
Japanese 誰が最後に笑ったか
(Dare ga Saigo ni Waratta ka?)
Show Lupin III (1971)
Episode no. 12
Release date January 9, 1972
Country Japan
Writer Kazuichi Tsurumi
Director Masaaki Osumi
Storyboard Tameo Kohanawa
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Fujiko Mine
Bindings Rope
Positions Box tie
Gags OTM
Blindfolds None
Timestamp TBD
Voice actors
Japanese Yukiko Nikaido

Who Had The Last Laugh? is the 12th episode of Lupin III (1971).


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Adaptation notes

The anime adaptations of Lupin III are generally original creations. Presumably, there is no manga equivalent to this scene.