Lupin III (1971) Episode 1

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Is Lupin Burning...?!
Japanese ルパンは燃えているか...?!
(Rupan wa Moeteiru ka...?!)
Show Lupin III (1971)
Episode no. 1
Release date October 24, 1971
Country Japan
Writer Tadaaki Yamazaki
Director Masaaki Osumi
Storyboard Souji Yoshikawa
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Fujiko Mine
Bindings Straps
Positions Spreadeagle
Blindfolds None
Timestamp 3:00
Voice actors
Japanese Yukiko Nikaido

Is Lupin Burning...?! is the 1st episode of Lupin III (1971).


While spying on a meeting of the Scorpion Gang led by Mr. X, Fujiko Mine is captured. Fujiko is strapped to a table as Mr. X explains that he knew what Fujiko was doing from the beginning, but had to wait to capture her until Lupin was already caught in his trap. He proceeds to explain his elaborate plan to kill Lupin using boobytraps on the racetrack where he currently is, describing its "mountains, valleys and the occasional pothole" while using a mechanical hand on a stick to run down Fujiko's body. Next, he presses a button that unleashes more of the mechanical hands to tickle Fujiko to death.

Meanwhile, Lupin switches places with his partner Jigen, who was waiting in a hidden identical race car, so he can get away and infiltrate the Scorpion hideout while they are none the wiser. He sabotages the building's plumbing to flood the room before electrocuting the entire gang to death at once and rescuing Fujiko.



In 2018, this episode was remade as Lupin III: Is Lupin Still Burning?, including a version of the DID scene in this episode. The remake was included as part of the Japanese DVD release of Lupin III Part 5 and aired in English on Adult Swim on December 17th, 2019 after their broadcast of Part 5.