Kokoro Connect Episode 17

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Connecting Hearts
Kokoroconnect ep17 01.png
Japanese 心をつないで
(Kokoro o Tsunaide)
Show Kokoro Connect
Episode no. 17
Release date December 30, 2012
Country Japan
Writer Fumihiko Shimo
Director Jun Fukuda
Storyboard Yuuichi Nihei
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Himeko Inaba
Bindings Tape
Positions Sitting
Gags Tape
Blindfolds None
Timestamp TBD
Voice actors
Japanese Miyuki Sawashiro
English Luci Christian

Connecting Hearts is the 17th and final episode of Kokoro Connect.


After being kidnapped in the previous episode, Inaba is bound and gagged with tape in the bad guys' hideout. The other club members find out about this due to their emotions being transmitted to each other during this arc. Taichi, Yui and Yoshifumi head to where Inaba is held and take out two of the boys, but the remaining one pulls a knife on Inaba, creating a standoff. Iori arrives in the nick of time and tricks the remaining kidnapper into thinking she's on his side before turning the tables on him.