Kim Possible Season 4 Episode 9

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Big Bother
Show Kim Possible
Release date April 7, 2007
Country United States
Studio Walt Disney Television Animation
Writer Greg Weisman
Director Steve Loter
Storyboard Alan Wan
James Yang
Kalvin Lee
Louie del Carmen
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Kim Possible
Bindings Rope
Timestamp 15:48
Voice actors
English Christy Carlson Romano
Keiko Agena

Big Bother is the 75th episode of Kim Possible, an action-comedy cartoon produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It ran on Disney Channel from 2002 to 2007.


Yori, a friend of Ron’s from his tenure as a foreign exchange student at the Yamanouchi Ninja School, sends a call for help to Team Possible. Monkey Kung Fu-themed villain Monkey Fist is searching out three keys that will grant him access to a mystic weapon of unstoppable power, each key hidden in a different temple for safekeeping. Despite the heroes’ efforts, Monkey Fist is able to obtain the yellow and blue keys.

With Ron sidelined by his obligation to babysit his recently-adopted baby sister, Kim and Yori go to defend the Red Key as a duo. They are quickly ambushed by Monkey Fist and tied back-to-back with a thrown bola. The villain intends to send Kim and Yori into the Red Temple first. That way they’ll reveal what traps the temple has. He kicks the girls towards the entrance, knocking them over.

Moving in tandem, Kim and Yori make their way into the temple. The floor cracks and splits open to reveal lava underneath. The two have to jump between the segments of floor to reach the Red Key’s resting place on top of a volcano-headed monkey statue. Their arms restrained, Yori snatches the artifact with her teeth instead.

Kim and Yori are next seen exiting the temple the same way they got in, where they find that Ron had figured out they were in trouble and has already driven Monkey Fist off. Rufus is at the ready to free the girls by gnawing at their restraints.