Kim Possible Season 4 Episode 20

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Larry’s Birthday
Show Kim Possible
Release date September 1, 2007
Country United States
Studio Walt Disney Television Animation
Writer Kurt Weldon
Director Steve Loter
Storyboard Alan Wan
Troy Adomitis
Kenneth Laramay
James K. Yang
Larry Scholl
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Kim Possible
Aunt June
Bindings Rope
Positions Suspension
Timestamp 17:48
Voice actors
English Christy Carlson Romano
Mary Jo Catlett

Larry’s Birthday is the 85th episode of Kim Possible, an action-comedy cartoon produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It ran on Disney Channel from 2002 to 2007.


Kim is tasked with keeping her nerdy cousin Larry out of the house until his surprise birthday party is ready. On the same day, the evil Professor Dementor’s new brother-in-law attempts to endear himself to the villain by capturing a hostage to trade for Kim’s battle suit. Dementor suggests Kim’s sidekick Ron, but he is unable to remember Ron’s name and simply describes him as “a guy who looks like he should not be with Kim Possible.” Larry is kidnapped for fitting that description.

Kim tells her parents and Larry’s protective caretaker Aunt June that Larry has gone missing. Though both Kim and June start their own searches for Larry, Larry himself believes that the villains are a roleplaying group that Kim gathered in secret for his birthday. He helps Dementor search out Kim’s battle suit in a super villain larp, and the team capture Kim, Ron, June, and Kim’s father James.

Kim and Ron are suspended over an acid pit by shackles, while June and James are tied together with rope off to the side. Dementor issues an ultimatum to exchange everyone’s freedom for Kim’s battle suit. But before Kim and Ron can be fully lowered into the acid, Larry reveals that he has been playing the role of a double agent ready to dramatically double cross Dementor at the last possible moment. He manages to commandeer the controls for the villain’s lair and use the security lasers to free all of the prisoners.