Kim Possible Season 4 Episode 19

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Nursery Crimes
Show Kim Possible
Release date August 12, 2007
Country United States
Studio Walt Disney Television Animation
Writer Charlotte FullertonKurt Weldon
Director Steve Loter
Storyboard Tom Bernando
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Kim Possible
Bindings Rope
Timestamp 17:03
Voice actors
English Christy Carlson Romano

Nursery Crimes is the second segment of the 84th episode of Kim Possible, an action-comedy cartoon produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It ran on Disney Channel from 2002 to 2007.


Kim Possible tracks a global crime wave of baby pacifier thefts to Shireshimshire in England. Nanny Mame, former headmistress of a nanny training school, has been ransoming the stolen pacifiers. When Kim and Ron uncover the scheme, Nanny Mame’s baby minions capture them. Kim and Ron have their hands tied behind their backs and are sat on small playschool chairs.

Kim suggests that Nanny Mame explain her evil operation while she’s occupied with her tea. Nanny Mame tells them that her nanny school went under because strict nannies are no longer in fashion. She now makes money through ransoms and turns her minions into babies to save on feeding costs. The explanation gives Rufus time to eat through the ropes.