Kim Possible Season 2 Episode 7

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Job Unfair
Show Kim Possible
Release date August 29, 2003
Country United States
Studio Walt Disney Television Animation
Writer Nicole Dubuc
Director David Block
Storyboard Carolyn Gair
Llyn Hunter
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Kim Possible
Bindings Rope
Timestamp 16:17
Voice actors
English Christy Carlson Romano

Job Unfair is the 28th episode of Kim Possible, an action-comedy cartoon produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It ran on Disney Channel from 2002 to 2007.


Kim Possible gets saddled with a janitor mentor at the Middleton High job fair, while Ron tries to skip the career training until an anonymous secret agent gets into contact with him to be his mentor for the week. Meanwhile, Dr. Drakken steals a weather machine with the intent to ravage Canada with storms until he can overthrow the country. Kim considers the Drakken situation a much higher priority than Joe the janitor’s vacuum cleaner technology lessons, so she avoids her mentor out of embarrassment.

When Kim and Ron track down Drakken’s weather machine, Shego intercepts them. Ron tries to stop the villainess with an Immobilizer Ray he received from his mysterious spy mentor. He mistakenly immobilizes himself, Kim, and Rufus with the gadget, leaving Shego free to tie them all to a lightning rod. The villains fly away with the weather machine, leaving Team Possible to be finished off by the lightning from the storm.

Kim’s struggling proves insufficient to escape as the storm rolls in, but luckily Joe the janitor arrives to free the teens with a well-placed laser to the ropes. Joe was the secret agent mentor all along: He sought Kim out as a frequent combatant of Dr. Drakken and had intended to teach her about weather machine specs under the guise of a vacuum cleaner.