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This is a guide to what content is and isn't allowed on AniDIDWiki.

Mission statement

AniDIDWiki aims to be a thorough catalog of damsel in distress (DID) scenes. We want our information to be complete and accurate, with an informative level of detail and easily searchable index methods.

Important features include having detailed descriptions of the scenes in addition to screenshots, and using infoboxes to catalog a lot of metadata about the work in question. If you want to find scenes featuring a certain voice actor, or everything by a certain director, or everything from the 1980s, that should be easy to find.


DID scenes are typically defined by the use of restraints. Although this usually takes the form of being tied up and possibly gagged, the following more ambiguous cases are also allowed on the wiki:

  • Handgags
  • Tentacles
  • Petrification

If you are not sure about whether a scene counts and your case is not listed above, please do not hesitate to ask.

The wiki includes scenes from animation, comics, video games and novels. Live action material falls outside of the scope of the wiki and will be removed.

The wiki is named for damsels. That is to say, at least one character in distress must present as female.

Standards of decency

Although we are fully aware that much of AniDIDWiki is fueled by users with a fetish for DID, the content in these scenes is usually not inherently sexual. Therefore, in the interest of providing as complete an archive of DID material as possible, we also include scenes with characters who appear to be underage, provided they are not depicted in a sexual context. Content that depicts child characters in a sexual context is strictly prohibited!