GunForce II

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GunForce II is a run-and-gun arcade game by Irem. The game was created by the same development team which would go on to create the Metal Slug series with SNK, and it showcases the excellent artwork and animation which would make the Metal Slug franchise so successful. It is sometimes referred to as Metal Slug Zero.

GunForce II
Gunforce2 01.png
Release date September 1994
Country Japan
Developer Irem
Bindings Shackles


Positions Suspension
Voice actors


Throughout the game, the player rescues young women who are being held hostage, a practically identical mechanic to the rescue of P.O.W.'s in Metal Slug. The number of women rescued contributes to the score multiplier at the end of each level.

Some of the women are bound to steel posts, dangling by their wrists which are shackled behind their backs with manacles attached high up on the post. Other women are likewise suspended from ropes or hooks, hands tied behind their backs.